Brand guidelines make way for brand genuineness.

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses are communicating. the strict corporate guidelines have been put aside and they are showing a more HUMAN side of their brands. And it is FANTASTIC!

Typically, all we ever see from large corporates is overly polished videos brimming with emotive copy/voiceovers designed to endear us to the “values” they share with us.

Rarely do businesses actually find a genuine way to connect with their customers.

Now, to be fair Qantas has had some success in the past – The Qantas Choir genuinely pulled on the heart strings on Australians and helped keep Qantas “The Spirit Of Australia”.

Whilst the latest video from the BIG RED ROO may not be an official piece of content from the airline (we simply saw it being shared via social media) and it no doubt lacks the multi million dollar budget, the epic scenery and the heavenly sounds of that campaign, we think it, during these crazy times, reflects “The Spirit Of Australia” just as well. But perhaps more importantly, it reflects the “Spirit Of Qantas” a brand not merely made up of the BIG BRAND stuff, but the gals and guys that truly make it fly.


Now some might think this is a bit naf, or perhaps not quite polished enough for a brand like Qantas. And we get that, but if nothing else it demonstrates the passion of the staff and that even during the “downtime” (literally in this sense), they are committed not only to their jobs, but in finding their own way to show their pride in the brand they still call home!

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13 thoughts on “Is this the true “Spirit Of Australia”

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Written By: Rob