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Should you switch your Instagram account to a
business profile from a personal one?

You have probably wondered about this before, if you haven’t already made the switch. There are definitely lots of pros to having a business Instagram account, rather than a personal one. Keep reading to find out if switching to a business account will be beneficial for you!


Would Instagram analytics be useful to you – real time metrics?

Being able to (very easily) analyse your Instagram audience, your engagement and your account discovery can be very helpful.

With a business profile, you can see:

– How many people are viewing your profile per week.

– How many individual accounts you are reaching per week.

– The total number of times that your posts have been seen.

– How many people have saved your posts.

– Who your Instagram audience is – their location, age range and gender.

– What days and hours are best for you to post!

You can then leverage all of this valuable information to optimise your content and your overall Instagram performance.


Would you like to promote your posts?

If you have a media budget (big or small, it doesn’t matter!) then having a business profile would definitely be of interest to you. Even just spending a couple of dollars a day for a few days during a big online sale can have a huge impact, and dramatically increase your reach.


Would you like to be able to clearly display your website link and your contact options?

When switching over to a business profile, you are able to decide which of your contact information you would like to display – phone number, address, email and/or your website address. Of course this is beneficial to almost any business! You can still add your phone number or website address to your Instagram bio on your personal account, however this takes up character space (only 150 characters allowed) that you may want to use for something else, e.g. some information about your brand or a tagline. Also, on a business profile, the contact options will come up as contact buttons e.g. “Call” or “Email”, which keeps things clean and tidy, and very accessible for the user!

So, lots to think about here! Hopefully we have helped give you some more insights into the benefits of switching your Instagram account over to a business profile, so you can make a clearer and more informed decision!

Happy Instagramming!




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Written By: Claudia