5 tips on how to curate a beautiful and flowing Instagram feed

So, everyone wants authentic Instagram followers, right? This is why your Instagram feed is very important. When people click on your profile, they don’t see your individual posts first. They see your feed first, which is why it’s super important to plan and carefully curate how your feed looks, and to make sure it accurately represents your brand’s story, so people form the right impression of your brand straight away.

Here are 5 tips that will help you make sure your feed always looks great!
1. Research – Find a couple of Instagram accounts that you love and think look REALLY good, and take note of WHY they look so good. Most of them will follow the below tips.

2. Choose a grid layout – A grid layout is how your posts are positioned on your account. It helps you know what photo to put next to another photo. A layout makes it easy to start (and stick to) a consistent Instagram theme. Create your layout by using an app such as “Plann”, “Later” or “Schedugram”. You can use these apps to make sure your feed flows nicely, which means that all photos sit nicely next to each other! If you are not going to use a specific layout, you need to make sure your feed is balanced.
3. Choose a colour scheme – what kind of filters are you going to put on each photo, if you wish to use filters? Do you have a colour scheme you want to stick to? What kind of posts are you going to be posting? Keep it consistent, use the same filter on each pic!
4. NATURAL LIGHTING! Natural lighting means higher quality and more detailed photos, giving your feed a clean and consistent feel. Photos taken in natural light are also easier to edit with filters.
5. Have Standards – Posting only good quality photos is key. A high quality photo looks clean and inviting. A blurry photo is the first thing people will see when they head to your profile, and does not invite lots of likes or followers! You don’t need to use a professional camera – smartphone cameras are good enough these days!

Have some more questions – hit me up – social@remembercreative.com.




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