Hashtags hashtags hashtags!

So it’s 2018, and most people have a bit of an idea about what hashtags are and how to use them! However, very few people know how to use them WELL, and using hashtags poorly can actually have a pretty detrimental impact on your business’s social media success. Essentially, hashtags are used to categorize content, meaning that searching for relevant content is a lot easier to do, so businesses have a pretty huge opportunity here to maximize their content’s reach and therefore their page’s reach. And social media for business’s is all about converting that reach into brand awareness and then into sales, right?

So here are a few ways to make sure you are absolutely maximizing your opportunity for reach, through your use of hashtags.


Less is more and more is less!

On Twitter and Facebook, less is more. Posts with 1 hashtag tend to receive far more engagement than posts with 4 or 5 hashtags. But on Instagram, it’s a very different story, and the more hashtags you use, the better. However, after using over approximately 8 hashtags, your engagement will typically drop. It’s a pretty fine line!


Don’t over-complicate it!

Don’t hashtag every word on your post, and try not to use long hashtags. And definitely don’t have more hashtags than words. Keep it simple!

Be specific

Hone in on who you are trying to attract and find hashtags that help you target them. Do your research; there are lots of hashtag searches and apps out there that will help you find the best and most effective, trending hashtags: Ritetag and Hashtagify are some good ones.


Happy hashtagging, and good luck!




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Written By: Claudia