How to market to meh-lennials

Like it or lump, the screen addicted group that us oldies call millennials are getting older and their purchasing power is growing. A lot has been said about the younger generation that has grown up with the internet and how they need instant gratification like the dopamine hit they receive when they get another ‘like’. Or the want it now mentality having grown up with ‘on demand’ TV. Or never having to search the Dewey Decimal system and wait for someone to return the book they want – psh, just Google it already.

Millennials put up a lot of road blocks for marketers

They are consuming most of their media on the internet … ATL advertising has taken a huge hit1 when it comes to this.

It presents a problem for business owners when considering ways to engage with a group who would rather give up sex, than the internet2 – well, 43% of them anyway. This automatically makes one assume that you have to be on the Internet to get their attention. But how do you do that successfully?

Beware the use of ad blockers

With over 25% of Australians3 using ad blockers (and a much higher percentage among millennials) display ads are not as effective as they once were. Older people rely on face-to-face referrals more than millennials, and surprisingly a study showed that 51% of millennials prefer a review from someone they don’t know4 (perhaps because they don’t like being told what to do). And this strikes at the chord of marketing to millennials.

Make something they want – don’t make them want something. In times past, advertisers often generated a problem so that people would want something.

So what’s the secret sauce?

If we can’t use display ads and traditional methods don’t work as readily, what can we do?

Create content because millennials consume content insatiably. Distribute it to your channels, start a conversation (user generated content is more compelling)5 but also focus on native advertising and sponsored marketing via influencers, which can be your biggest ally. Basically, make the advertisement look nothing like an advertisement.

Remember they are savvy, don’t treat them like this – as this tongue-in-cheek video suggests:

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