Notice something missing in your image search?

Did you notice what’s missing? Did you notice a couple of days ago and has it already raised your ire?

Here it is:

A few days ago, Google removed the View Image button as a result of a legal tussle with Getty images. The main issue at hand was copyright. People would quickly hit the View Image button, download the image and inevitably use the image themselves.

Google suggests that the change will help the website the image is on, by pushing the user to visit the site to see the image in its context. They also agreed as part of the settlement to further enhance the copyright disclaimer in image search.

If content owners were missing out on clicks to their website, they were also missing out on any advertising revenue they may have generated from the click, which is hugely important. I am a big believer in a free and open internet, but that doesn’t mean that artists should suffer, and I think this piecemeal change is a good start. I’m not surprised that Getty were litigious in defending their images, but if the outcome helps those artists and photographers in the garrets, I am all for it. Getty – a champion for the little guy – what next?

But if, on the other hand, you disagree with me, some equally disgruntled person has brought it back and you can too find out how over at TNW’s site. Google’s been making a lot of changes lately … just check out what they have done to Chrome.




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Written By: Rob