Falcon Private Bank: Marketing Masterstroke or Mistake?

Are you ready for Agile Private Banking?

Are you ready for emaciated bodies dripping in gold glitter paint, performing a freestyle contemporary dance routine

Are you ready for what could be the most bizarre ad of ALL time?

Look, no one is claiming that marketing a bank is an easy task. They’re super dull and at times fraudulent. So it’s understandable that agency, Branders Group AG wanted to inject a tad of personality into an otherwise boring subject.

Making a bank sexy is a monumental (arguably, impossible) task. And if the goal for this ad was to emphasise the sex appeal of Falcon Private Baking, they ‘succeeded’ … I guess.

But who the hell is thinking ‘Damn I’m just craving a massive home loan right now’?

Answer: no one.

According to their website, Falcon Private Bank “rely on more than 50 years of experience” and are “devoted to excellence”. So how do you demonstrate wisdom, experience and financial excellence? Blast glitter at a bunch of starving 20 year olds and film them regurgitating gold paint! Simple.

The bank also claim that they’re relentlessly committed to superior performance and boast financial strength and stability. Let’s unpack that, shall we.

Surely, exhibiting a “commitment to superior performance” would not involve hiring a year 10 art class to film your advertising campaign, but it appears Falcon Private have done just that.

Then there’s the “financial strength” which I guess is symbolised by the models’ muscles … deep.

And then there’s “stability”, which, if they’re referring to ‘mental stability’ is completely absent in this commercial.

I think it’s safe to say, we have another case of advertising executives thinking that sex can sell anything … even banks. They are so wrong, it’s not funny. And this ad is an example of it.

So for these reasons, this week, it’s a

Marketing Mistake

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Written By: Joshua Britt