Social media hack: How Instagram’s ‘follow hashtag’ feature can increase reach

Last week, Instagram announced a new feature that allows users to follow specific hashtags based on interests.

So if you head to the app now and search for a hashtag, you can instruct Instagram to integrate posts that have used the hashtag into your personal newsfeed.

What does this mean for brands using Instagram as a marketing tool?

Well, as you may know, Facebook and Instagram make a habit of periodically reducing brands’ organic reach on their platforms because they want to foster an environment where businesses pay to play.

If you run a business account on either Facebook or Instagram, you may have noticed that the reach metric has declined in recent times.

This new Instagram feature could potentially remedy the situation.

Here’s how:

  1. Create a unique hashtag that relates to your business and will be easy for people to search and follow.
  2. Then, add a line to each of your captions that reads: ‘Follow #X to see more.’

It’s that easy, and you’re giving your posts a higher chance of appearing in your followers’ newsfeeds.
With Instagram only announcing this update a matter of days ago, it’s too early to determine to what extent the hack works, but nonetheless, it’s yet another way to connect with your followers.

Best of luck!




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Written By: Joshua Britt