Welcome to the Mad Men* of Marketing podcast: episode one.

Just like Star Wars we may, in the future, pretend like episode one never happened but for the time being – So without further ado…

Episode One:

We discuss a developing story about what will happen if, and almost certainly when, Facebook rolls out the split feed update in the form of an Explore feed which will be for business pages and the regular feed which will focus more on family, friends and sponsored posts.

Hit play and enjoy…

This is to become a fortnightly podcast that will focus on new developments in the world of social and digital marketing as well as insights into the world at large and just things that we find interesting and hope you do to.

*(If you missed the asterisk the title) Currently, we haven’t had someone that does not identify as male on the show but when the time comes they may become an honorary Mad Man for the day or we’ll change the name – hmmm the mad people of marketing, the mad mob of marketing, the mad masses of marketing – let us know your thoughts? and what you thought of the show.




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Written By: Rob