The Anatomy of the Perfect Instagram Post

  1. Make sure your image is visually appealing. Bright, colourful and in theme with the rest of your Instagram feed!
  2. Use a high quality photo. Blurry and pixelated photos can make you look unprofessional and your account uncurated and unplanned.
  3. Use your caption to grab attention. Words like “You”, “Free” and “New” are always good, and using questions to engage your audience is usually very effective also, such as “Do you like this quote?” or “Would you choose the red or the white dress?”.
  4. Have a call to action. For example: “Link to read the rest of the blog post is in our bio!” or “Head to the link in our bio to shop now!”.
  5. Use relevant hashtags, but no more than 8! Any more and you will see a drop in engagement. It is a very fine line. Try not to put them in the caption, but rather as a comment on the post.
  6. And finally, respond to comments and answer questions! People will buy from you once they trust you!

Happy posting!‚Äč




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Written By: Claudia