Many elements of marketing are paint by numbers (not Microsoft Paint* thank goodness)

We will tweak and explore ideas along the same theme when it comes to targeting for an AdWords campaign, for example.

But the exciting part of our job is being creative (it’s in our name, duh!) We love that feeling when a client sees their new branding, campaign concept or image. Sometimes the creative can be encapsulated in a quick gif even if it took a long time to plan.

Getting that perfect headshot

One of our clients Lisa McGuigan Wines has another perfect example of ‘capturing the moment’ as her hero image on the website we built last year.

We explore creativity, and our Creative Director’s thoughts on the subject can be found in the latest 5 Minutes with Menz installment. Sometimes creativity can be stepping away from a project and allowing that “Eureka!” in the bathtub moment.

Whether it’s a difficult brief or circumventing a problematic circumstance like potential customers not being able to touch the product, it can be tough trying to capture lightning in a bottle. But when it’s done right, well, that’s why we do the job.

If you need help finding the ingredients of the secret sauce, drop us a line.

*To be totally fair, and even though Microsoft aren’t openly supporting MS Paint anymore, some people can use MS Paint with aplomb … like those people that know how to use an etch-a-sketch. Nobody likes these people anyway, stupid showoffs.




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Written By: Rob