Lexus LFA Launch


RazorFish needed some help with UX, design & development and looked no further than Remember Creative. The client was Lexus and the problem was the LFA and in particular how do you engage an active audience at a motorshow who are not allowed to touch breath on a car that would cost the better part of $1,000,000 to park one in your garage.

What We Did!

The car was launched as a hero vehicle to showcase the Lexus brand and tell a story of innovation. For an innovative car and company an innovative solution was needed. The solution was crystal clear… literally, we gave out clear brochures with a simple call to action – visit the Lexus stand.


The clear brochure certainly peaked peoples’ interests and soon there was a line of people behind a tabletop that used Microsoft’s Surface technology to bring their seemingly clear and uneventful brochure into an interactive experience, that not only told the story but let them use a car that was just out of arms reach.

“A $1 million supercar showing off the future of a brand and a desire for maximum engagement without anyone actually touching the car. A unique challenge we brought to life with a brochure you couldn’t see…”