Leading Advice – Branding to Remember


Leading Advice was to be the new name for a group of financial planners. The already established group, with new leadership, needed strong branding to reassure all of the current clients that they were still in safe hands (absolutely important when people trust you with their financial futures) and wanted a bold new look to launch them on to the scene at the same time.


A thorough exploration of the company and what they wanted to achieve was the first cab off the rank. A roadmap was created, through our BluePrint process, to define what areas would be best for Leading Advice to swim in for social and how it might integrate with their system and mar/comms at large. A thorough briefing process for the branding exercise was undertaken and then our designers got to work. As is often the case when you present concepts to a client the choice can be very difficult as they like them all. With a few rounds of amendments we settled on the marque that will be LA for the foreseeable future.

The plot thickened… just as we were about to move into the strategy and website phase a bump in the road was hit; being the very regulated industry that it is LA was directed to leave the old name behind much sooner than was originally planned. So, a comms strategy became an eDM campaign to introduce the new name and brand to the current clients and a microsite was built. This was not only an introduction to the brand but was very strategic to a) reassure engaged clients and b) reengage a lethargic database.


Apart, from a sophisticated, bold new approach for the brand – a stylish document suite was created. The eDM campaign was a success with open and clickthrough rates all well above industry averages – it’s a great start for Leading Advice.

Leading Advice wanted to break free of the stuffy cardigan wearing feel that typifies the industry. We helped bring their vision to life!