Facebook’s new year’s resolution:
Spend more time with your family and friends

You probably have heard about the algorithm update from the FB news feed and the man himself.

Facebook will be lessening brands and publishers organic reach in favour of giving users more time with their loved ones.

Whether this is altruism on Facebook’s behalf or focusing on a better user experience for the average facebooker – many are assuming the update will lead to brands opening their purse strings and paying for more advertising and sponsored posts.

Facebook is a corporation at the end of the day – so they would not do anything intentionally to hurt its bottom line. I think this is just bringing us one step closer to a dual feed, with a friends and family news feed and a business news feed. Facebook tested this style last year which we discussed on our podcast here and here.

The business newsfeed, or Explore tab, is an interesting concept and one that might prove fortuitous to the same people that are succeeding on the normal newsfeed. Those with a dedicated marketing spend will still be visible but more importantly the content that will do best is the type that is already doing well…

The ones that increase engagement and spark conversation between the brand and between friends, whether it’s Facebook Live, a series of branded content, and even, a cute meme or a funny take on the day’s events – the cream will rise to the top.

Increasing engagement among friends and family is good for Facebook to keep people on Facebook longer which in turn means more time to see advertising. So, I don’t think Facebook is making a play for more revenue selfishly, it’s delivering a better product for its users, which in turn will be of benefit to brands that are creating great content.




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Written By: Rob