Adflo Plumbing

Branding and Digital/Print Collateral

At Remember Creative, like most lines of work, we get challenged daily. Sometimes the challenge is in the form of a multi-national calling you in a panic that they need a new design and they needed it yesterday and sometimes it is your local plumber asking for help to produce a clean and professional image for their brand.


Andrew, the owner of Adflo, decided to go out on his own after having many years experience in the field working in residential and commercial operations. We were charged with establishing a style guide, complete branding suite being suitably impressed with the rebrand we were also enlisted to build a simple one page website for the client.


As you can see from the above images we, like the name adflo suggests, we produced a flowing, welcoming feel with a professional clean look for the logo and by extension the suite of documents.

The website was to be polished, simple and effective. Prospective clients needed to know that Adflo is where you go for quality work with friendly and honest communication. A simple user flow focussing on the services and areas serviced was conceived and an uncomplicated call to action.

Plumbers can often have a shitty time expressing the quality of their service. AdFlo wanted to set the tone for its brand as a premium plumbing service so we helped.