Actors Benevolent Fund


Actors Benevolent Fund were introduced to us by an actor who we are working with on another project (to be revealed soon). The fund, who cares for actors and those in the industry when times get tough, had not updated their branding since the 80’s and it was time for a fresh look.


With an entire board on a charity that is very close to each and everyone of their hearts this was not going to be an easy task to make all happy. We worked with the team to find a suite that suited their budget and more importantly their design needs.

What We Did:

Having a thorough design briefing was key to making this branding project run seamlessly. We kept to the schedule laid out and the start and produced some rather beautiful and powerful logo’s that spoke to the nature of the entertainment industry as well as the philanthropic nature of the fund. They were met with praise and tough decision on the hands of the board. After a slight fine tune of the chosen design we moved in document production which again moved along at a nice pace and were able to deliver the suite on time and in full to a very appreciative client.

The final marque is quite striking and those looking a bit further into the seemingly simple design for some meaning, you will see a comedy and tragedy mask smile and frown in the blue hues representing the arts and the faces of those that needed help from the fund from sad to happy, which lighten from dark to light.

Lights, Camera, Action! Working with the ABF to create their new branding was a challenge to remain true to their heritage yet deliver a logo that pointed towards the future of this philanthropic organisation.