My Week With Drip

Automation Software Review

Drip is one of the many marketing automation platforms out there. I had heard good things so I decided to give it a go and see if the rumours were true.


Initial impressions

Signing up and setting up the account was a breeze, although many in this day and age hate giving away a credit card in the free trial period. I continued.

Choosing an automation platform is a daunting challenge for most people. With so many options, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Even though you may think when setting up the account, it’s easy optimising it for your company, it’s not. It takes hours, and honestly, if you are time poor you might make excuses not to do it…

But the time poor are the exact ones who should be making the effort. If you can carve out some time to start thinking about your marketing other than a second thought you might realise how, with a little gumption, you can save yourself loads of time in the long run.

Imagine being able to sort the tire kickers from the genuine leads without doing anything.

Oops went on a tangent about martech in general, back to Drip.

It has all the expected options.



Campaigns (with A/B testing options) for all your EDMs.

Broadcasts – one off emails (bonus resend if unopened after a certain amount of days).

Subscribers – upload your database here and new additions nestle nicely into your predefined terms.

Forms – Get information about your users, get more subscribers.

Automation – Broken into Workflows and Rules.

Analytics – Bird’s-eye view and campaign level metrics.


Using it

So, the tools are simple and the design is intuitive, but if you feel out of your depth there are instructional videos for practically everything.


This is where the time churn comes in – setting up all your automations with your new powers.

You want to get your campaigns just right so it will take some time. But you can also set up some very basic flows to get you started or use Drip’s library of templates. There might be a little customisation on your end to make it perfect for your needs, but most of the job is already done for you.


You will have to have a look through to see if it will work seamlessly with your current systems (or work well enough to jettison some). But overall it has a solid amount of integrations for a beginner (e.g. FB lead ads, SumoMe, Eventbrite and Instapage) and will actually help push you in the right direction for other services you might not be using yet.



It is priced fairly compared to competitors in the same space. A bonus is the free starting point for a complete beginner (less than 100 subscribers), but if you are dedicated to using your flows and putting your best foot forward in your other marketing endeavours, you won’t be <100 for long.


Drip is a solid automation tool with a good amount of customisation and, whilst not enterprise level, it does a great job of providing you the tools any SME would need, much like Wishpond, and has many offerings alongside the bigger players like Marketo and Hubspot.

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Written By: Rob