What Will You Do With Your 8 Hours?

Why Digital Disruption Should Be Part Of Your Plan

Most of us spend a third of our hours during the week at work, often in front of a screen, but what do we actually achieve?

Many people complain about not having enough time to do their job because they are busy doing the menial tasks that get in the way of doing the actual job.

When thinking of digital disruption, our minds go straight to household names like Uber, Netflix and AirBNB, and that disruption is taking on a traditional market and providing a better product via digital means (apparently). But if digital disruption doesn’t have to be taking on an industry and building an app that will make you billions, it can be simple. It can be cost effective for all levels and it doesn’t have to be customer facing.

We often use digital disruption tech without being aware, because we don’t associate it with the above well-known examples; teleconference was very different before Skype came around and the cloud collaboration tools of Google and Office 365 are just as disruptive to the way teams conduct business. It’s interesting to note that collaboration tools like Slack, Asana and Trello are considered disruptive even though they are not as multi functional as Google and 365 – perhaps it’s the nature of the beast that the brand history of Google and Office 365 makes them the big boys, the tall poppies if you will, who are are slow moving, out of touch and are in capable of disrupting that which they already have a strangle hold on.

So, what does this mean for you and your marketing team, it means: think smaller… disrupt your team, your office; disrupt your messaging and how you message. Oftentimes we are engaged by a company asking for a new website or a campaign for a new product and we leave after helping them transform the way they do things.

Marketing transformation can take the form of many things including a much more focussed view of digital disruption. Our marketing transformation process is as much about helping you sell or gain exposure, as it is about helping you use your team’s 8 hours.

Whether it is helping you make wiser decisions with which technologies to use, which work is best done in-house and outsource, platforms to connect with, improving templates, implementing marketing automation and chat bots, or just making the process of collaboration with your team quicker – we usually end up leaving our clients with a lighter workload.

The average weekday for me is broken into 3 parts of 8 hours each – sleep – work – non-work. It’s important to always make the most of your time – what will you do with your 8 hours today?



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