Gorton’s Fishy Campaign – Marketing Masterstroke or Mistake?

When was the last time you had a fish finger? Years ago, right? Same here. And that’s because fish fingers are usually eaten by ravenous children who refuse to eat actual food.

Until now!



So, if Gorton’s target market is children, why have they cast two gym junkies, drenched in spray tan, to be their merman ambassadors? Well, we’re not entirely sure, but the decision probably went a bit like this …

“Kids don’t buy groceries. Mums do. How do we get mums to notice us? Hot dudes.”

*End scene*

And this strategy could very well work… the sales will speak for themselves.

…Or it could not, which is most probably why 99% of fish finger brands aim their marketing efforts towards children.

But there’s something fishier than Chad and Brody’s shimmering tails in this ad, and that’s the notion of ‘trust’.

The “merbros” tell us that they have developed their rippling muscles from doing a lot of push-ups and eating right… which is definitely true. But the suggestion that Gorton’s Fish Sandwiches make up part of their diet, is one tall tail.

They assure us that Gorton’s products contain protein (most foods do) and there’s “nothing weird added”, apart from POTENTIAL RELATIVES OF THEIRS FROM UNDER THE SEA.

But despite this act of sheer cannibalism, we’re told to trust “those who know.”

Ahh, no.

Back in the ocean fellas.


So for these reasons, this week, it’s a Marketing Mistake.

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Written By: Joshua Britt