CLIENT: Atomic 212
PROJECT ID: 170029


Dear Client,
Your project is complete to the specification we proposed and now we need to get your sign off so we can get your project live.

Thank you for allowing us an opportunity to work with you and we hope this project delivers fantastic results for your business and we look forward to working with you again on your next project.


Website Pages:
• Why MG – The heritage, the future.
• Expose Page – MG6 Plus
• Expose Page – MG3
• Expose Page – MG GS
• Expose Page – Dealer Finder
• MG News (Blog Function)

Website Functions:
• Multi-slide – Page sliders/page (Note this is not currently set up for video embed)
• Video module for pages (Pull from external source – YT or Vimeo)
• Image Gallery for car expose pages
• Book a test Drive – Form – with integrated data capture to downloadable CSV (Phase 1, integration TBC for Phase 2)

Resources for website update:
To produce this work we have assigned the following resources:
• 1 x Senior Design for UX/Wireframe – 31 March
• 1 x Design – Sat 01 April and Monday – Tuesday 03/04 April
• 1 x Snr Tech Advisor
• 1 x Senior Developer – April 7 April 13 April for build, staging, 1 x round of amendments and staged testing.
• 1 x Senior Developer – 18 April for final image substitution and migration^ – April 10.
• 1 x Developer – Wednesday 19 April just case there are running changes post launch..


Dear Jonas and Victoria, We know your busy but your feedback is so important to us and we ask you to please give us your thoughts around our performance.

Its pretty easy most questions are a simple rating out of 10 (with 10 being “AWESOME” and 1 being “I wish I never met you” ). We also ask a couple of questions where we hope you could elaborate about your experience.

1. How did you perceive the service we provide to you and your team?

2. Do you feel we kept you informed about the progress of the project as it progressed?

3. How satisfied with the outcome of your project. How closely did it meet your expectations

4. Could you tell us why you gave us this score or any general comments about how we could improve our service?


We would love to share with our clients an insight into your experience. If you felt we're worth telling others about we would love it if you could share some thoughts here or review on us on Google or give us a shout out of Facebook or tout our work on LinkedIn or run around the streets screaming our name...

If you’re willing to share a few words here that would be SUPER!


Your final payment is now due. The balance of any payments PLUS any additional charges will have been provided to you with the email containing the link to this sign off form. Please be aware that we cannot provide you with working files nor migrate any digital project until payment has been received.


I agree the project is compete as specified and will organise final payment.
PLEASE NOTE - If applicable your warranty period will begin on submission of this form.
This project was conducted inline with our Terms Of Services


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