Ultimate Cruising


Ultimate Cruising had been riding the waves smoothly with a largely offline targeted marketing and sales platform for many years. Most of their clients are retirees and much prefer the friendly voice on the phone and meeting in person as opposed to booking tickets online. We were contacted to make a user friendly online destination that was as simple, catered and relaxed as the cruises they sell.

What We Did!

A fairly unique business model required a bespoke solution. We developed a unique CMS for Ultimate Cruising that allows the team to manage the many cruises and clients they cater for. With everything from tropical cruises to Artic cruises and 5 Star luxury cruise cabins to private yachting experiences on offer the CMS and site had to be a robust and strategic conclusion.


The holistic approach that we take to any project allows us to be agile in our execution, as the first major project for the fledgling Remember Creative, we knew we had chosen a solid foundation for projects and it laid the ground work for all that has come since. We are very proud to still count Ultimate as a client and we hope we continue to grow as they grow, advise and adapt their strategy to the current climate as we make our way to smoother waters and sunnier shores.

“Michael’s team not only changed the way we present our brand, but the way our staff interact with clients and his marketing and communications strategy has reinvigorated our product development team.
Michael and his team have focused on our most profitable products, adding value and as we roll out these initiatives, we are seeing more inquiries, higher value customers and improved margins on our product. Michael and his team have been dedicated to implementing processes that keep us accountable and have been very hands on in their approach. ”


Roger Parr – Operations Manager – Ultimate Travel Group