iAD - Interactive Advertising

Alongside the award winning TVC produced by Saatchi & Saatchi, we were asked to collaborate to bring the TVC and THUMS (total human movement for safety) to life through an interactive iPad ad, focussing on the delicate and dedicated precision of the Toyota team.

What We Did!

The simulation software, THUMS, sublimely recreates the damage impacts and collisions can have on the fragile human form. This fragility and care needed to nurture it was at the heart of our thinking – The interactive element of the ad was that users who were not careful would cause the glass body’s organs to crack and shatter.


A powerful message for the user was brought to the fore by actually seeing the damage that can be caused if the necessary safety mandated by Toyota is not considered. The beautiful design of the actual body and organs increased the engagement and impression on the users.

We helped create one of the first interactive iPad ad’s, highlighting the versatility and capability of the iPad technology. An award-winning campaign and a major innovation brought to life showcasing the fragile beauty of our bodies.