Telstra needed to update their in store experience. The lack of ingenuity in their retail spaces had been telling in many forms, be it being cramped behind a counter at the back of the shop or having to wait on the phone with their own call centre with a customer is waiting. An application that was tablet compatible meant that the team members could actively interact with clients anywhere in the store.

What We Did!

Working with the good people of Crossmark once again, we helped map out the user journeys and heightened the user experience, the process had to be simple enough for an inexperienced user to be able to use the interface confidently.


With the bright colours of the Telstra brand, the friendly iconography we designed a seamless interface the members of Telstra’s in-store team with an intuitive application that streamlines the process of customer interaction to customer satisfaction.

We worked on the mobile app to keep their in-store team… well… mobile.