Southern Bay Brewing

Digital strategy & web design

After a couple of rounds by the Southern Bay Brewing Co. (SBB) stall at the Sydney Craft Beer Week Festival, we were smitten with the brand and got talking to the tapsters themselves. SBB has a very interesting setup not only do they brew their own beer but with huge facilities they also brew many other brands beers under license.


It was evident, even from a cursory glance, that the SBB website may be in need of an upgrade. It was good for a website from yeasteryear but it was barley a hops, skip and a jump from making one think the head designer had fell into the vat themselves. Rarely do two of the reasons we get up in the morning (beer and digital) get wrapped up in a nice little package like this and we were excited to concoct digital ambrosia.


Through much consultation with the SBB team we provided a new look & feel and a thorough digital strategy for the brand – whilst the work didn’t end up going live with a wide range of business structure changes going we were so happy to have been part of the process and the main goal of bringing the digital assets of SBB into line with the image they display at the tap was achieved – just like beer, a great outcome – it’s good for what ales you.

Some business relationships start in weird places. SBB and Remember met over a few ales at the Australia Beer Festival and we inspired SBB to relook at the way it presented itself online, brewing up a new website for brand.