RiskWise – Start Up


Whether you are a first home buyer or a seasoned investor it’s always a gamble to choose the right property for your needs. There’s so many variables, it’s a daunting task to say the least. If only there was  way to take the gamble out of prospecting; well, RiskWise had done just that with a sophisticated methodology taking into account all manner of facets and telling you whether your dream home is Risk Wise. RiskWise is a great application and will help many people but it is a new product and when we came on board the team at RW had only the basics down and no branding or home on the web.


RiskWise had two distinct targets in their sights for their site: the investor and the investor and what we mean by that is

  • Investor A: people that wanted to invest in the product to truly bring about revolution in how people decide purchase property and;
  • Investor B: The end user who will use the RiskWise system to find a risk free investment.

Remember Creative worked, along with a team of PR and Branding experts, created the route to market while focussing on the digital aspects of the project: UX and Web design.

What We Did:

To be there at the beginning of a company is always a bonus, you get to start a company off on the right foot. We created user journeys for the two diverse groups that would be directed to the site initially and devised plans to step back the angel investor user journey as the main user base increased. Working with a diverse and colourful brand and style guide, and at the same time keeping the message professional was exacting (just like the product itself) and a stylish finish was put on the designs.

The web-based application was built in .net and yet the client opted for the landing page and associated pages were to be a Word Press based site before users were funneled to the RiskWise property report itself. This can present problems for the uneducated and maintaining consistency across both platforms is key for a seamless user experience.

A successful conclusion was reached for our part of the collaboration the reigns have been handed over and PR campaign is in full swing.

“The job was a rewarding UXperience and as a start up it’s a risky period but we’ve helped them create a great digital home and from early interest around the campaign and product it seems that RiskWise will be here to stay, especially, in the, currently, uncertain property market.”