Original Source

Digital Strategy


To develop an end to end digital strategy for PM Cousin’s brand Original Source

What we did!

We worked with Sydney based digital agency AlphaSalmon to prepare a 12 month online strategy that built brand recognition for the newly launched Original Source brand. The brand which originated in the UK had pinned its identity on experiencing nature in your shower. While this strategy worked in the UK, we felt that the Aussie love of the outdoors meant we were fortunate enough to experience nature almost every day for real. The solution had to be simple and real. We found inspiration in the unique labeling on the bottle – each bottle/flavor being identified by how much of the given ingredients are in each bottle. We felt this sat well with the notion that Aussie’s were all about how much effort people put into there given natural pursuits. Big Breaths when playing hard, Steps when running or walking, meters climbed and so on.

We then built a range of campaign initiatives around associating original source with activities that promote both effort and pride in undertaking them. Building a unique connection between the product and those who have worked hard at getting a little bit dirty.

Original Source were looking to ensure us, Aussies, understood Original Source was a down-to-earth, energetic and savvy brand that was 100% natural and digital at the same time. We developed an entire creative strategy from digital display and social all the way to experiential brand activation.