Neutrogena Naturals

Launch Campaign

Our Creative Director, Michael, ran lead on the creative campaign for Neutrogena’s new range of Natural’s products. The brand has an environmental slant and we needed to blend the natural, environmental and ethical nature of the product whilst still being accessible to the target audience.

What We Did!

We might not all be on the Rainbow Warrior, or chaining ourselves to trees but we do our best and deserve a reward. Thus the campaign became a nod to the little greenie in all of us. A campaign launch was two fold with a public and digital campaign.


To reward all of our efforts in the fight to preserve the planet we hit the streets and handed out cards that allowed people to claim their rewards via facebook, those who did not get a card from us in person also were engaged by telling us about the little things they did to make the world a better place be it a shorter shower, a longer bike ride or just turning the light off. The work was executed by DDB Sydney and was a very rewarding campaign to work on.

Naturally, we found working with Neutrogena Natural’s “Rewarding”. Providing creative direction their Ethical beauty products brand activation.