Movie Times

Unlike Fandango in America, Australia were without a communal home to online ticketing and singular movie time search engine for the cinemas. Alpha Salmon enlisted our services to design the user experience for the site that was commissioned by the three major cinema chains.

What We Did!

After extensive briefing from the cinema chains, a major motion picture distributor and testing as to how the individual sites progressed we honed the user journeys and drove the creative potential of the project. The ease of use for customers was at the heart of everything we designed – a clear path to purchase was created.


A clean and remarkable design was evoked while still holding true to the many elements that needed to be considered: The cinemas, the distributors, the movies themselves and not least the consumer who run the gammut of society from the young to retirees and in between and regularly will hit the site without a product in mind just an intent to be moved and entertained.

“It’s not like it hadn’t been done before. But when the largest cinema chains in the country all get behind a new “online movie destination” – ensuring a premium user experience focussed on delivering What’s On, Where and When is a challenge we took too like the kid in the candy bar.”