MG Motors Automotive Website


One of our creative directors main passions in life is cars. So when we got the chance to work with another car company and build an automotive website we jumped at the chance. In this instance, we were lucky enough to work with one of the biggest companies in the world, SAIC by way of one their subsidiaries, MG Motors. In Australia, the name MG evokes memories of times gone by and funky little convertibles but MG is still alive and kicking making their presence known with 3 dealerships currently and an aggressive growth plan for the future MG needed a website that was befitting the iconic brand.


We were brought in by MG’s media agency and asked to turn over the project quickly as the launch of the new website was part of a much wider campaign we consulted closely with all the decision makers during the design and build of the project. The previous iteration was built in PHP, The client decided to stick with the language but use wordpress as the CMS for the build.

What We Did:

Buoyed by the committed media spend the new website instantly saw a rise in hits – but the we were quite pleased to see that the enhanced mobile functionality and user experience, even with essentially the same previous content (at least initially), the bounce rate lessened and the enquiry rate grew substantially.

It was a pleasure to work with the media agency and MG – we handled all requests in a timely and professional manner; We built a fun website that the client was extremely pleased with.

We were pretty pleased with the results of our customer survey

“1. How did you perceive the service we provided to you and your team?
10 OUT OF 10
2. Do you feel we kept you informed about the progress of the project as it progressed?
10 OUT OF 10
3. How satisfied with the outcome of your project. How closely did it meet your expectations
10 OUT OF 10”