Web application for in-house concierge service

259 George St had recently been purchased by MemoCorp. MemoCorp is a multinational company and were keen to improve the building’s status among the other high profile Sydney city buildings and make a splash with their new tenants. A few great ideas were generated. One of the first additions were concierge staff at the front desk of 259 George. Whilst in preparation for a new digital strategy we were contacted by Memocorp.


Whilst discussing the extensive strategy for a client with holdings worth over a billion dollars, we were struck by how little was being done to promote and facilitate the very high end concierge services of the building. With tenants not using the services and some not even aware that the new services were offered, we suggested a mini-campaign to build the building’s prominence and start building it’s digital infrastructure.


We helped design a web application for the concierge services so tenants of the “Suncorp” building, as it is popularly known, could quickly and easily use the services and receive notifications. The concept allowed clients to schedule car maintenance, organise travel or simply have their laundry done with a few swipes of a finger. The design had to be as prestigious as the building itself therefore we used a classic, even-toned approach and introduced the concierge service as if it were a butler at a five star hotel. Sadly the project was never launched, but the design and thinking behind it was well received by the entire Memcorp team and we hope that one day they will look to resurrect the project.

At the heart of the client’s wish list was to create a tangible link between the services and building tenants. We designed a web app allowing a seamless experience for all residents and the 259-concierge service.