Lowndes Law


We love to meet all of our clients face to face and we know first hand how much communication and business is done on the golf course or the local coffee shop.

There is a lot to be said about meeting in person, but this is 2016 and our clients can be anywhere.

Enter Lowndes Law, a commercial law firm from across the ditch with a jet setting head honcho – Mark Lowndes who literally was bounding around the world meeting clients, attending conferences and doing business. Although we never found ourselves in the same city we used a wide array of technology to get the job done.

Prior to engaging us, Lowndes Law had gone through two other highly lauded design agencies, but had been uninspired by the outcome, on a referral Lowndes approached Remember.

We worked with them to determine a workable budget, given they had already used significant funds with the previous providers, we ensured a streamlined process to attain a great outcome with minimum fuss despite the challenges of time zones, many moving parts and a range of key decision makers

We tweaked our regular process to accommodate for the specific requirements of this project.

With a firm Go Live date, there was not much room for error and with dedication to the cause on behalf of all parties we were on time.

The proof, as so often is the case, is in the eating and Lowndes received many positive reviews both internally and externally upon pushing the website live.

It’s a great looking product that really stands apart from the crowd with clean and succinct content – always a challenge for the complex nature of legal services. But the real story is in the numbers – within one month of going live Lowndes had some startling results from the site:

Bounce rate reduced by more than 40% 466% increase avg session length 238% increase in page/session

“We are very pleased with the website that Remember Creative have produced for us. We were looking for something a little different and we had a lot of requirements and detail that were specific to us. Robert and his team worked tirelessly and professionally with us through all our modifications. An outside event meant that we had a non-negotiable go-live date and Remember Creative pulled out all the stops and a few all nighters to make sure this happened for us. As well as a great result, Remember Creative were a pleasure to deal with.”


Rachel Holland – Business Manager – Lowndes