You get to pick your friends but you don’t get to pick your family. Often as a small business you don’t get to pick your clients, but if you persevere (or endure) sometimes you will find yourself doing your dream project. Michael, our creative director, loves being creative and loves cars in that order, so when Endurance came along he was already in the drivers seat. We have been lucky to work with some of the big names in the auto industry (LEXUS, Toyota and MG to name a few) already but this is a little different, a passion project. Endurance is an in-production documentary about the life and times of Australian racing royalty Sir Jack Brabham. We were brought in by producer, writer, director – Akos Armont to craft a website befitting of the adrenaline pumped adventure.


Following our digital processes was going to be tough as we had a deadline of less than a month to get everything in order for a launch that was to be part of the Australian F1 Grand Prix exhibition hall. The project was to be engaging and educating, as well as call upon the need for philanthropy to finish the documentary.

What We Did:

The well oiled machines that were in the creative had to be matched with a smooth responsive user experience. An ecommerce solution was produced to cater for the merchandise of the film and fundraising. You can see view the website here.

“Thankyou, Thankyou… Great communication. Timely, responsive and transparent process.”


 Akos Armont РAurora Films