Crossmark Australia

Crossmark were about to launch a bespoke Store Audit software tool (which we helped design) but before they could we were asked to develop a strong, fresh and recognizable Brand Marque for the tool.

What We Did!

We were brought on board to develop the user experience for the new Storetrack application. But to bring Crossmarks new store audit tool to life we had to give the product a face. The brief was to try and include the idea of the people involved in the process as well as the red sash from the Crossmark brand.


We had collaborated with the Crossmark team and got feedback from some of the key stakeholders from the Crossmark team and presented a rangeof design concepts.

We finally locked in on a design that delivered to the brief with the T of “Track” integrating the human team and the red sash from the Crossmark reflecting the integration of the people with the technology.

The stylised T also allowed us to have an easily identifiable application icon for mobile devices.

“I have showed the logo to the team and they Love it. “

Tom Herbert Doyle

Business Manager – Shopper Innovation