Coles App

Some jobs are a piece of cake or so you think – After working on a similar store auditing tool, a piece of software used by Crossmark’s internal teams we were asked to rework it for one of their best clients, Coles.

What We Did!

We worked to refine the functionality of the application to deliver a significant alteration in the function of the application, with a far more specific need for “live reporting” and “data entry” we worked with Crossmark to identify the key attributes required by Coles and then worked to develop a user experience and app architecture to support it.


When you are on a job that requires skinning already produced software – common sense would say it will be easier than building something from scratch but these projects still have to be planned meticulously because you may be confined by what the software was built to do and what the new tenants want – as if you were customising a heritage building. Our planning period allowed to lay the foundation and build a beautiful branded chip off the old block.

Crossmark needed a way to help their Coles Auditing team more effectively monitor in-store promotional activity. We helped develop a tablet based Auditing tool that provided real time data to clients for the first time.