Briggs & Stratton – Victa

The team at Victa needed an educational yet entertaining application to help users better understand the breadth of their range. We were brought on board to map out the user experience and overall design of the app.

What We Did!

We focussed on the user, not only how one would want and need to interact with an app of this nature but also peppered in some surprise factors to hold users engagement at the same time as being informative.


A beautiful and intuitive app was delivered across both iOS and Android platforms. Among the inclusions was a striking showcase of the Victa range, selection tools to help match product to customer – We even built in a game that added fun and utility to the decision-making process.

“I remember my first onboarding video when working at MacDonald’s at the age of 15 – Corporate training has grown in leaps and bounds since – this interactive app for the Victa team just clicked. Using gamification to build product knowledge sheets – Learning can be fun!”