STEP 1 - Meet and Great


We will meet with you to discuss your project be it in person via phone or skype but we hope it’s in person.

STEP 2 - Scope of Work

We work with you to outline exactly what will be delivered, how we will go about it, what your role is and the duration of the process

STEP 3 - Letter of Engagement

Basically we roll up the discussion we have had so far into a document for you to sign on the dotted line and officially start the project. We will be able to refer to this document as the basis for everything that comes ahead.

STEP 4 - Scheduled Payment

Prior to the commencement of the job, we will process the first progress payment.

STEP 5 - Brief Sheet

Although some questions may have been asked and answered in our various discussions it’s time to put on paper what you want from your brand, how you want people to feel about your brand and any specifics in reference to design.

STEP 6 - Concept Design

We have retrieved an approved brief from you and now we will hand it over to the designers. Now in the studio we coalesce all your thoughts into concepts that best represent your vision for the future of your brand.

STEP 7 - 2 rounds of Amendments

Sometimes designers knock it out of the park and you fall in love with a design at first sight and sometimes you might want to tweak a couple of the elements. Choosing a direction for your brand is a very important task for you and we appreciate the attention to detail you will have and we provide a couple of rounds of amendments to get things just right.

STEP 8 - Chosen Direction Signoff

It’s now time to choose your new logo.

STEP 9 - Content Delivery

Although in a branding project there might not be loads of content we will still need some content from you eg contact details for business cards and letterheads.


STEP 10 - Design Rollout


With the chosen direction and content in hand we will now rollout the rest of the suite of stationery for the brand.

STEP 11 - Suite Amendment

Again, we know that perfection is a process and we offer you another round of amendments at this stage. The chosen
direction has been locked down but there is still room for amending the suite.

STEP 12 - Payment + Delivery

It’s now time for the final payment and delivery of the goods both digital and physical (if we have printed documents for you).

STEP 13 - Happy Client

Congratulations we finished the job! Thumbs up? High fives? A spot of golf? However you want to celebrate is just fine by us we aren’t going to stop you.