If you have a Facebook page, post to Instagram or run some LinkedIn ads, but aren’t really getting the results you had hoped for, we can help!


Our Process:



We immerse ourselves in the data and analytics you have available. We determine what’s working, and what’s not.


We present back the findings of the audit, with solutions to the problems we’ve identified. We then work with you to determine the areas you want to see growth and plan the path to get there.


We create the content that people want to consume, and more importantly, adheres to your business objectives.


We report back monthly on the wins, the challenges and the solutions for the future.

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This package is perfect for start-ups and SMEs who have identified an issue/s with their brand positioning. You can have the best product in the world, but if you can’t communicate why it’s a ‘must-have’ to potential customers, that’s a problem. And that’s where we come in!

Our branding expert, Peter Cox, has developed the Brand Position for some of the world’s most iconic brands owned by Kraft Foods and British American Tobacco.

Peter will lead a 3+ hour branding workshop with you, to focus in on the following:

1)      What is brand positioning/what should be included and excluded?
2)      What is a brand positioning statement, and why is it important?
3)      What is your product and how are you selling it?
4)      Who is your target consumer? What are their needs, habits, behaviours?
5)      What is your market definition?
6)      What is your brand promise?
7)      What is your brand’s ‘reason to believe’?
8)      How does a consumer benefit ladder work, and why is it important?
9)      What are your brand’s emotional and functional benefits?
10)  How can we separate your brand from your competitors to give you an edge?
11)  How do we define your tagline, and why is this important?

From here, you will both work together to establish the following:

1)     Consumer Target Profile
2)      Consumer Benefit Ladder
3)      Brand Positioning Statement
4)      Competitor Analysis
5)      Reason to Believe
6)      Company tagline

Prices start from: $5,500*

*Indicates prices “start from”. Prices include GST and are subject to change. Costs are charged upfront in 3 month blocks.
**Standard graphical content. Complex artwork such as vector graphics or retouching will be quoted as required
^Photoshoot between 3 – 6 hours included. Minimum 16 professionally shot images with basic retouching. 2 – 6 videos depending on requirements e.g. editing. Best footage will be trimmed & delivered as web ready files, either in our studio or at your venue. Additional editing available and quoted upon request.

Further Terms and conditions apply