1. What’s your name?

2. What’s your email?

3. What are the objective goals of this project?


NB If you do not have a live website please move on to the next section AUDIENCE

Current domain/web address

Would you like us to replace the website with a brief Landing Page? (eg New Website Coming Soon email Contact

Current Hosting – who hosts the DNS and the website currently? (Please note your website and domain have separate hosts we will need both)

Do you have analytics around your website usage?

What do you like about your current website?

What do you dislike?


Who is your current audience or customer base and how do you attract them?

If your current audience isn't representative of your ideal target, what is the ideal?

Why would your customer base like to use your website (content/engagement/rates…)?


Do you have a logo?

Do you have a style guide? (A style guide is a set of standards a designer should adhere to when dealing with your brand (e.g. Never put the logo on a orange background).


Do you have any other touch points that you would like to add?


Would you like us to address this in build? Search engine optimization - whilst most search engines (Bing, Google…) are great at trawling websites to respond to their users searches, organising your website for keywords & phrases specifically for their “bots” can help your business maintain higher rank in the results.


What would you like your site to do?

Have a blog that is up-dateable and easily shareable

Channel my customers to specific products and services based on their requirements

Showcase our staff

Showcase our story

Make us easy to find online

Make it easy for our customers to find our locations

Provide our clients with answers to FAQ's

Deliver sales and e-commerce online

Showcase my products and services

Link to my social media

Are there any other specific functionalities that should be built in?


What's your budget?

Timeline? (Months)


What are we trying to communicate?

Atmosphere for website, brand and content? (e.g. peaceful, energetic, healthy, focused, simple, sophisticated, value, reliable etc.)

Manner for the website? (e.g. informative, concise, visual, artistic, interactive, professional, colloquial)

Websites you like? (Please list three and what you like about them)

Websites in your industry? (Please list three and what you like/dislike about them)

Is there anything you would like to add?


Do you want assistance in producing written content for your website?

Would you like help with your imagery for the project?

What will be your main call to actions?

What pages/sections are needed?

Are there any statutory requirements for your website? (eg an insurer might need a disclaimer that the advice is general in nature and not intended as personal)


Who are the key decision makers in the organisation and what role will they play in its digital strategy?



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