We Ask. We Research. We Plan. We Create and We Execute.

We measure success and then Repeat and Improve.



With over 15 years experience in design and marketing Michael
Menzies is a strategically focused creative, with extensive experience in digital space.
Michael has a solid understanding of both the art and commerce of marketing, having worked with some of Australia’s most
prestigious agencies including Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi and Publicis Mojo and now as the principal of “Remember”.
Michael has played a diverse range of roles but has established himself as creative leader who specialises in digital and creative strategy as well as brand development.



A strategic thinker with an eye to detail. Robert has previously worked for the biggest media company in the world (NBC Universal a division of ComCast) in sales and business analysis his acumen has a practicality that helps out in many situations and lives by acronyms including KISS, SMART and BTW.

A project manager that enjoys the client interaction and creative process he is an asset to Remember and major reason why clients come back to the well.



1s and 0s get tricky sometimes and thats when we call in the heavy hitters. George is our technical lead on projects which require a higher level of logic or some hard core coding. Having first worked with Michael at AlphaSalmon the partnership is well cemented. George has a masters in IT Management. You will not find a more responsible and switched on tech in the business.



Coming to us from the client side, Jun has a unique insight into how we can offer more to our audience. Since joining Remember he has been critical to many process changes. Owning a robust knowledge of WordPress, HTML and PHP means his web design work is well informed and is easily translatable to the interwebs.



“Dave is naturally drawn to shooting for the ‘live the lifestyle’ commercial swim, boho, and fitness brands, and is known for having a calm, playful, easy-going demeanor, which allows him to slow down and notice the finer details, as well as connect with the people that he works with.”

With a background in ad agency executive-level production, Dave has worked with the Remember team for over 3 years and understands the impact that strong imagery can have for any commercial or personal brand.



Our ability to communicate with each other separates us from the animals which is why we align ourselves with Antelopes… wait a sec…scratch that… we align ourselves with the good people at Antelope Media. We first partnered with Ralph before there was an Antelope or Remember Creative on an LG shoot in the previous decade.

Em and Ralph are scribblers of the highest order across many industries: from retail to realty and financial services to fine arts their ability to understand a clients wants and work to a schedule is why we value Antelope’s input and output.