Managing your business’s social media over the holidays, while also trying to enjoy the silly season!

If you are in charge of social media for your brand, you will probably be feeling a little envious of your colleagues who can totally switch off and forget about all of their work responsibilities for a couple of weeks! Unfortunately, as we all know, social media doesn’t sleep – not even for Santa! In fact, this is the time when people tend to be on social media the MOST – people do love scrolling their feeds on the couch after a big Christmas lunch, and on New Year’s day after a late (maybe a wild?) night after all…

So, what does that mean for you, when you are craving a bit of a break and some fun also and aren’t totally sure when you will have time to keep up with your posting?

Luckily, we have a few tips that can make your job a little easier over the next couple of weeks… so keep reading!

Planning ahead is key. It might be annoying now when you already have so much to wrap up for the year, but you will thank yourself later! How often are you going to post over your break? Whether you post everyday or just twice a week, you should probably keep this up.  Consistency is important! What are you going to post, and when?

There are a couple of ways that you can go about managing your Instagram when you are busy celebrating! If you pay for an Instagram scheduling app, this can be an easy and low maintenance way to go. And scheduling your posts on Facebook is also an excellent idea. But if being shadow banned or having lower reach and engagement as a result of using a scheduling app concerns you, or you just don’t want to pay for a scheduling app, then we have a pretty great alternative!

I always make sure that I have all of the images and graphics that I will be needing for social media over the break, saved in my phone in a photos folder, in the order that I want to use them. So that when I need to post, I can easily find the piece of content! I write up my captions beforehand, and store them in the notes section of my phone. You can also number these so that they match the order of the content/images that you have stored. I also make sure that I have a couple of sets of hashtags pre-prepared, so that I can easily pick a set and add to the post (remember to mix up your hashtags to avoid being shadow-banned). Easy! And feel free to add #Christmas #Holidays and #NewYears to your hashtag sets also!

In terms of replying to comments and messages on both Facebook and Instagram and monitoring your engagement, try to set aside just 15 minutes per day for this – doesn’t sound so bad, does it?! You might also want to occasionally share some funny Christmas/New Year memes or posts on an adhoc basis, too.

If you are worried you are going to forget to either post or check up on your social media community, just set some alarms or reminders on your phone – easy! Most of us have our phones glued to our hands anyway, and if you have everything pre-prepared a post should only take a couple of minutes!

Good luck – we hope you feel a little more confident and prepared to tackle the social media world over the holiday season now!

And of course, Happy Christmas and New Year!

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Written By: Claudia