How to successfully blog and make sure you are keeping
your readers awake!

First thing’s first; are YOU interested in what you are going to be blogging about? If you aren’t, chances are your readers won’t be either! So make sure to pick something fun and interesting, that is relevant for you and your target market and of course, reflects the values of your business.

Have a good headline/title! You will need something short and sweet that truly captures the attention of your audience – whether it is being posted on Facebook, shared on LinkedIn, mentioned on Twitter or Instagram, or just being uploaded to your website, it needs to be simple and grab the reader’s attention.

Pair your blog text with some great visual media. Lots of interesting high resolution imagery or graphics will inspire the reader to keep reading. Use these images to break up your text, so it doesn’t appear as just one big overwhelming lump of words, but rather a flowing blog piece that includes both interesting info and some “wow” imagery and media.

Where relevant, include some cool and interesting stats and facts, which back up what your blog piece is saying. Here is an example:

53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority. (HubSpot)

Most people LOVE statistics, and everyone loves a captivating fact! And if you can, use graphics to demonstrate these. Whether you have put he graphic together in-house, or sourced and credited something from the internet, make it POP!

Here us an example of showing the latency of blog content views:

Be consistent, so that your readers know they can count on you for content. Pick specific times that your blog pieces will be uploaded, e.g. every Monday and Thursday mornings. Make sure to regularly block out bits of time on your schedule to create content for your blog and then time to promote it after you have hit that publish button. Writing and publishing the blog is just half of the picture!

Share the blog piece to all your social platforms, and make sure you do this at the right times – e.g. Thursday nights at 8pm might be the best time to share a blog on your Facebook page, but 4pm might be better for your LinkedIn audience! Mention and tag other pages and people where applicable and add relevant hashtags for maximum reach. Feel free to reshare the blog on each social platform a few times, with different imagery and different headlines.

Happy blogging!




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Written By: Claudia