Marie Claire – Marketing Masterstroke or Mistake?

This week we’re looking at Marie Claire’s limited edition magazine cover celebrating the success of the marriage equality vote in Australia.

In 2012, the magazine ran a similar ‘limited-edition cover’ with Aussie celebrities declaring their support for the cause. We can safely assume it was a success at the magazine stand, because they’ve done it again.

The importance for brands to align themselves with social causes is becoming more important and the impetus has been the realisation that ‘hot button’ topics are a phenomenal way to spark conversations on social media. Also, the same-sex marriage result is an historic moment, meaning that this cover really is a one-off.

Marie Claire’s base of readers are middle to upper class women, who are relatively well educated and this group showed some of the highest levels of support.

Then there will be some who will buy this edition purely for sentimental reasons, so it’s sure to send sales skyrocketing.

So, what’s the verdict?

This is most definitely a Marketing Masterstroke.

What do you think? Hit us up on FB or drop us a line.




144 thoughts on “Marie Claire – Marketing Masterstroke or Mistake?

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Written By: Joshua Britt