Last week I went to see some stand up. I have seen this comedian, Dan Kitson, more than a few times and, subjectively, he is one of the best going round these days.

There are many types of comedians but when it comes to performing new material you really fall into one of two camps.

Comedy Camp A – Write a new set at home while performing old material and when you have finished writing the new show start performing it in it’s entirety and tightening.

Comedy Camp B – Write new bits and slowly slot them into your current material around stuff that you already know works well.

Dan Kitson is type A (just like his personality) and usually writes a show in it’s entirety and then starts performing it. This works well for him and once all the fat is trimmed and the jokes that weren’t landing are reworded and/or jettisoned* he will perform the show for a few months to rave reviews, and then, he starts the process over again.

We were watching a show that was very much in it’s formative stages on Saturday (Dan is from UK and has usually tested his material on his UK audiences before he gets to our shore so it was nice to see a work in progress) Dan doesn’t try to hide the fact that he is working on a show in fact he can derive much mirth from it: with a notebook on stage (full of… well… notes); trying to figure out if he had said a bit; or if, said bit, should be slotted in here or there. Regardless, he was evolving his material to get the best reaction from his audience.

Comedy Camp B – constantly add in new material, along with their well worn stuff. At a show they might use an 80/20 rule – 80% of stuff that works and 20% of stuff that is currently being fine tuned.

I assume you can see where I am going with this…

So comedians are professionals that are paid to captivate audiences, they know that stale material will not keep the fans lining up, on the edge of their seats and rolling in the aisles. Digital marketers are just like comedians you must stay current to keep up with your audience, but not only that, you must refine your work… constantly.

Often people come to us, or are referred to us for a web rebuild or to look at their communications or marketing approach and we ask “what’s wrong with it?”

They will often say things like “it’s not doing much for my business” or there’s not as much juice from what we are doing as there once was –


Your marketing, content, and communications are not set – believe it or not your brand is on show and you have to keep you act fresh or else you will be forgotten and that as they say is no joke.

*Forgive me, Dan, for suggesting that you didn’t get it right the first time.




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Written By: Rob