Christmas Content Marketing: A few dos…

Xmas is a cinch – Don’t be a Grinch!

We can all silently bemoan the supermarkets for having their Christmas decorations out before the Fathers Day meal has settled.

Xmas is a tough time for many businesses. You are either shutting down for a period or ramping up for your busiest cycle. Whichever it is, the noise of retail or silence of professional services, there is usually an emphasis placed on keeping your brand’s standing in your clients mind.


We’ve all done it – left present shopping to the last minute, that fear and dread as you are looking for a park in a packed car park “I’ve spent 30 minutes just looking for a park, I hope they still have some Pokemowhachamacallits left”. Planning is essential to any well run campaign and Christmas is no exception (Psst I don’t want to scare you but your preparations should already be under way).

To make it smooth sailing in December – here are some basic TIPS & GUIDELINES

  • Decide what you want to achieve – Am I just keeping my brand in mind or am I generating sales activity for now or the new year? 
  • Make it measurable – even if its just a branding play, try and engage the audience and track their involvement – I want 200 clients to take up this offer, 50 social shares, 60 clicks to my website. 
  • Set a reasonable budget – Like always – How much are you willing to spend to achieve the above. 
  • Create a timetable of what needs to be done and when. Is it an 8 week campaign or a 2 week campaign

These work well for any campaign but especially for your end of year offerings.


It’s the Christmas and holiday season – so let your brand’s personality shine through. Don’t offend people, but it is always fun to be a bit cheeky! And if you’re game, give people a reason to share it!


It’s the season of giving so give back to your contact list/s with a generous gift. Whether it isa discount, a gift or a free service you will be on the nice list in your customers minds. Make sure the offer is one you have budgeted for in the planning phase. Your messaging, as joyous as it may be, is never hurt if it includes an offer too good to refuse.


Coca Cola’s Share a Coke campaign gave everyone a chance to personalise a gift of a coke. This could be the perfect example of personalising because it not only added a personal touch to the consumer, it also let them share the personal experience. Although originally rolled out as a September Campaign it was repurposed as drinkable place cards for the silly season. Speaking to the success of the campaign, half a decade later and you can still share-a-coke with your loved ones.

In the spirit, be fun

People are winding down for the year and don’t need extra demands – be friendly, swift and be willing to join in the fun; be it a silly e-card with caricatures of staff thanking for continued support, 12 days of offers or some branded swag for clients and their kiddies alike.

Be respectful

When sending out Christmas cards, the idea that someone may not celebrate can be daunting – perhaps you have a very varied client base and want to err on the side of caution and not use the words ‘Merry Christmas’ lest it offends. Happy Holidays is fine in this case, although then you risk rising the ire of people thinking you are kowtowing to the PC police. It’s a decision that can be personal but general goodwill, thanks and looking forward to next year should be sufficient for any client.

If you need help with the planning or execution of your Christmas comms please drop us a line.




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Written By: Rob