Only in art will the lion lie down with the lamb

If you haven’t seen the new lamb ad already – the jury is out and the verdict is in – it’s great. We recently did a piece on an advertisement by OAK flavoured milk and it raising the blood pressures of vegans everywhere by its, unknowingly or not, slightly offensive flavour humour.

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has gone the exact opposite route for their Spring 2016 advertising campaign and included as many differing segments of society as one thought possible in a 30 second ad spot.

Absent in this very inclusive advertisement are vegans and vegetarians for obvious reasons, but the notion that lamb doesn’t discriminate is touted loudly and proudly. It’s a great advertisement with humour and sensitivity in equal measure.The other big difference is the story, OAK hasn’t evolved the piece where as MLA have peeled back the layers and engaged viewers again when they move online as the 30 secs is now a more in-depth 90 second look at Lamb. The meat that doesn’t discriminate.

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Written By: Rob