“Why do I need content? Most of my business comes from word of mouth”

“Most of my business comes from word of mouth”
“I have regular customers and they sometimes suggest new clients”
“I have a network of clients and they refer me to others”

I have heard many variations of these statements in my time and it’s true most small to medium business generally receive most of their clients from word of mouth.

But most of the time this is a self-fulfilling prophecy – it just so happens that they participate in no other marketing initiatives.

There is nothing wrong with word of mouth, it’s a genuinely great way to build your business but this strategy does have its limitations.

Think of it in terms of your own experiences – how many great businesses have you dealt with and never recommended for no other reason than no one ever asked you or you simply forgot the experience because it was that long ago.

… this is the point, digital communications makes maintaining the relationship with
your customers easier then ever before.

Sure you recommend your local butcher because you go there weekly. Or you recommend your accountant because they helped you with your recent tax return, but with many businesses the transactions we have may be very sporadic, or one off even, and thus fall to the back of peoples minds.

But what would be the effect of maintaining a relationship with your customers long after they have interacted with you?

I’ll give you and example – I bought an eco fireplace about 4 years ago and every month since they have sent me a hint on how to get the most out of it.

The product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and they give some great insights on use during winter and how to use it, even just for visual effect, during the warmer months.

As such, I never forget this brand and have recommended it eagerly to find five friends. Producing great content will keep you front of mind when an opportunity arises to refer you and your services or products; but great content has the added effect of also being sharable.

And this is point –  digital communications makes maintaining the relationship with your customers easier then ever before and social media offers a platform for you to encourage and amplify the very referrals you are already getting –  after all who better than to sell your product than your customers.

So for SMEs, the referral may forever be the golden egg of new business, however, extending the great experience your clients have had with your brand using the digital environment provides an even wider opportunity to be referred!

Let us help you connect more effectively with your network and your network’s network…..and your network’s network’s network…..!




Written By: Rob