Why hiring a web writer makes good business sense

Why hiring a web writer makes good business sense

Building a website may not be brain surgery, but it can still be a difficult process. That’s especially the case for clients tackling it for the first time, or those who are particularly time poor.

Clients often begin a website build focused primarily on look and feel and they tend to see producing the words that will populate the site as a secondary task. Some even believe that, because the web is so fluid, there’s little point spending too much time on written content, taking the view that if they don’t like it, they can change it later.

While this is true to an extent, our experience has taught us that there are important reasons to hire an experienced web writer to create your website content. After all, a good web writer will:

  • Create clear, convincing written content.
  • Articulate your message in a way that builds towards a strong call to action.
  • Spend the time required on your web copy to truly reflect the strengths of your business.
  • Give you a strong baseline from which to revise content at a later date (a task that often ends up in the ‘too hard’ basket).

Why using a web writer means a better site overall

By using a good web writer to create quality content, you also support the work of the people building your website.

We can design the most beautiful site possible, knowing exactly how much space is required for copy and then present this copy in the most appealing way.

On the other hand, we can say from experience that websites written solely by clients are uniformly delivered late. This is not due to lack of enthusiasm or good intention – it’s simply the reality of a busy company.

How a web writer creates a better user experience

Using a web writer also enhances the performance of your site from the consumer’s perspective. Why? Because they will approach your content without any previous knowledge, allowing them to communicate your message in a way ‘Joe average’ can immediately understand.

Small cost, big result

We can’t stress enough how much a web writer can improve your website build experience. For just a small proportion of your budget, taking this step will improve almost every aspect of the project – from design and development through to timing and delivery. The end result will be a website that enhances the way your customers perceive you.

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Written By: Michael Menzies