The perfect match: Finding the balance with new clients

The perfect match: Finding the balance with new clients

At Remember Creative we’re always ready to offer our time to potential clients before they engage us – after all, this is an important part of any business interaction. But to ensure we make the most of an important first meeting, I always like to outline what I see as ideal ways to work with new clients, along with some points to watch out for.

But first, a cautionary tale… 

Earlier on in my career, when sales was my main role, I worked with a potential client without knowing where to draw the line. At times it felt a bit like fishing – obviously you’re willing to spend a bit more time reeling in a Bluefin compared to a guppy. But if that Bluefin doesn’t want to be caught, you could find yourself swimming against the tide.

I met with this client numerous times, each time hoping we would come to an agreement. All up we spent a total of 80 working hours over eight months before the client finally gave us a ‘no’. I learned a hard lesson about the value of time, and the value of work.

Long story short, being honest in business is important, and that transparency should extend to the process of welcoming a new client into the fold.

The ideal meet and greet

The very first meeting between a company and a client should be a discussion in which both parties feel free to offer their thoughts, goals and insights. By the end of this meeting, it should be possible to agree on what your next steps will be.

These next steps will generally fall into two broad categories:

  1. One or both parties realise this will not be an ideal working relationship. This does not have to be disheartening – both parties are valuing each other’s time by being honest here.
  2. The company knows enough about the client and their requirements to quote within a few days. If this process takes longer, again it may be worth questioning whether this is actually a good fit.

If discussions are to continue beyond this point, we start entering the realm of a blueprint session.

The ideal blueprint session 

After an initial meet and greet, a blueprint session is an ideal next step as it allows both parties to test the waters.

 From a business relationship standpoint, it’s a chance to build rapport and for both sides to test how quickly the other responds before investing in a full-blown project.

 In terms of the project itself, the blueprint session gives clients the chance to clarify their business needs, share their history with similar projects, and communicate their outlook on the success of the projects. Key decisions makers should also have the chance to meet each other.

Alternatives to a blueprint session

If a blueprint session seems a step too far, this doesn’t have to be the end of the road. At this stage, it may be better to:

  • Agree on a smaller range of services in line with a lower budget.
  • Work towards a quote that satisfies both parties, based on that initial meet and greet.

Of course, continuing with meetings and discussions is always an option. But remember that while it can be difficult to say ‘no’, ultimately this is a question of protecting your most valuable asset: your time.

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Written By: Rob